Parents Corner

Meet Ms. Othalene Inman

Wed 2/28/2024 10:19 AM Ms. Othalene Inman attends the Leon Millsap Senior Center in Danville, Arkansas. The Leon Millsap Senior Center is managed by Friendship Community Care. Ms. Inman enjoyed a lengthy career working as a legal assistant and then as a bank teller for 36 years until she was able to retire. After the …

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Tammy and Heather Hardison

Heather began attending FCC Adult Day Programs in Northwest Arkansas in 2017. her mom, Tammy Hardison, said “Heather enjoys hanging out with staff and helping them with things around the building. She loves spending time with her friends at the adult center and helping them with various tasks, creating art, cooking, and exercise activities. She …

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Abbey & Hadley Johnston

Meet Abbey and Hadley Johnston, clients of Friendship Pediatrics in Bryant. Through genetic testing, Hadley was diagnosed with Spina Bifida while Abby (mom) was Pregnant. After 16 weeks of maternity leave, Abbey and her Husband were looking for a childcare facility that could meet their little girl’s individual needs. After researching other providers, Abbey and …

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