Meet Ms. Othalene Inman

Wed 2/28/2024 10:19 AM

Ms. Othalene Inman attends the Leon Millsap Senior Center in Danville, Arkansas. The Leon Millsap Senior Center is managed by Friendship Community Care. Ms. Inman enjoyed a lengthy career working as a legal assistant and then as a bank teller for 36 years until she was able to retire. After the loss of her beloved husband and some personal challenges, Ms. Inman wanted to find a place to socialize and make friends. Ms. Inman stated “My friend Dorothy Keathley called me one day and encouraged me to help her carry some pies to our local senior center. Through Dorothy’s effort that day, she got me into the center. Previously, when I worked at the bank, attendees of the Leon Millsap Senior Center used to come into the bank to sell tickets for the fundraisers the senior center had. I thought the senior center was like a retirement home where you just play cards.” Much to her surprise, the Leon Millsap Senior Center is much more than a place to play cards. Ms. Inman stated, “From the moment I walked into the center it felt like a family!” She has been attending the senior center ever since that day. When asked about her favorite activities she likes to participate in at the center, she stated “My favorite thing is the trips we go on and playing volleyball and beanbags.” Ms. Inman ended by saying “If there was one thing I would leave for the younger generation, it’s that life is what you make it. If you choose a reason to be happy each day, you’ll be happy. I have been happy my whole life.”