Behavioral Health Counseling For Overall Wellness

Reclaim your life with a better approach to mental health.

Face mental health concerns head-on with a person-centered focus.

Connections Behavioral Health understands that being healthy goes beyond physical health alone. That’s why we offer integrative support services to individuals with behavioral health needs and developmental disability challenges. And those needs don’t stop with aging, so we’re proud to provide ongoing care throughout an individual’s lifespan.

A wide range of behavioral health services fit specific needs.

Every individual deserves a specialized care plan that addresses their personal mental health challenges. From childhood disorders to chronic mental illness, Connections Behavioral Health can identify behaviors that impact your health and provide treatment plans necessary to implement positive change.

Individual Therapy

Process personal struggles in a one-on-one setting to equip individuals with the tools necessary to cope with challenges in an appropriate manner.

Family Therapy

The goal of family therapy is to explore how mental health issues impact the family system as a whole, while creating the opportunity to strengthen relationships and bonds. 

Group Therapy

Sharing experiences with others that have similar challenges gives a new perspective and hope through positive discussion and new solutions.

Psychiatric Services & Medication Management

When a person could benefit from both therapy and medication management to manage a behavioral health disorder, a team of Psychiatrists and APRNs prescribe and manage appropriate medication.

We make behavioral health accessible.

Our goal at Connections Behavioral Health is to bridge the gap between quality services and the availability of these services. Our professional staff serve clients based on need, including many different service locations such as the school based setting. We include families whenever possible and consider them the head of the team – our staff is in full support of person-centered treatment goals that affect the entire family. Family involvement is crucial in the therapeutic process. Person-centered treatment planning is initiated at the beginning of the therapy process, and includes all persons identified by the client as part of the treatment team.


Start the path to whole health today.

If you are ready to learn more about how Connections Behavioral Health services can help you or a loved one, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Help starts with a conversation, and we’re here for you.

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