Meet Luca, Isaac, and Grace; children of Candace Grummer

Luca, Candace’s oldest son, started preschool at FPS in Pottsville during the 2021 school year. Candace stated “I absolutely loved and felt at ease with his teachers Amanda, Tabatha, and Susan. They all helped in getting him kindergarten ready.” Since Luca’s experience at Pottsville FPS was so successful, Candace has also enrolled her son Issac and plans to enroll her daughter Grace. When Issac needed therapy, Candace did not know where to begin to get him started in therapy. She stated, “The OT, PT and Speech therapist all talked me through the application process and made it a smooth transition for us to ensure Issac gets the therapy he needs.” Candace ended with “The teachers at FPS in Pottsville are focused on preparing my children to be ahead when they start kindergarten as well as helping them form friendships during their time at Friendship Pediatrics.”