Tammy and Heather Hardison

Heather began attending FCC Adult Day Programs in Northwest Arkansas in 2017. her mom, Tammy Hardison, said “Heather enjoys hanging out with staff and helping them with things around the building. She loves spending time with her friends at the adult center and helping them with various tasks, creating art, cooking, and exercise activities. She likes special days including ordering takeout, parties, and dress up days! If you ask Heather her favorite thing about FCC, she will tell you mom, friends, and happy. Heather really loves having a direct support professional that takes her to volunteer at the Samaritan Shop or for a coke zero run!” Tammy also said Heather had the chance to participate in Project Search at Embassy Suites in Rogers in 2019. “She loved her time there and was very excited about the uniform she was able to wear. During Project Search, Heather proved to herself that she could accomplish hard things.” Tammy ended by stating “As Heather’s mom, I have watched her grow and become more independent over the years she has attended FCC. She is always ready in the mornings to attend the adult center and have fun! Her smile speaks volumes about her time at FCC, and her laughter can be heard throughout the center.