Physical Therapy

Unleash the power of movement so they can conquer the world.

Improve function and increase abilities.

Friendship Pediatric Services’ team of highly skilled physical therapists help children achieve developmental milestones to support functional movement.Our physical therapist’s specialize in restoring and developing a child’s ability to explore their environment through stabilization, strengthening, and improved quality of movement.

What To Expect From A Physical Therapy Session

A licensed physical therapist will focus on all aspects of a child’s motor development including, but not limited to, rolling, walking, jumping, running, and static and dynamic balance skills. Following a comprehensive evaluation to determine your child’s current gross motor level, an individualized plan is developed to help each child reach his/her movement potential. Each session will provide life-changing benefits:

Equipment and bracing needs are addressed if needed, and adaptations are made to make each child as functional as possible in his/her home, school, and community environments.

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This is the best place ever. I’m extremely satisfied with their dedication and effort to help those in need their therapist and team are exceptional at what they do !! Wonderful human beings, caring and just amazing on everything they do. Couldn’t had chosen a better place than friendship thank you for all you do, your support, advices, treatment plan. Amazing experience every time!

Letty Armenta