Occupational Therapy

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Establishing building blocks that nurture and promote a child’s strengths sets them up for new accomplishments and greater self-worth. Friendship’s Pediatric Services occupational therapy services help children develop their daily occupations such as play, social interaction, school, community outings, and self-care.

Occupational Therapists are available to provide therapy services in our developmental preschools and our outpatient therapy clinics for individuals ages birth to 21.

What To Expect From An Occupational Therapy Session

A therapist will take a developmental approach to work on areas of physical ability including coordination, sensory processing, fine motor development, and visual processing. Friendship Pediatric Services occupational therapists work closely with our families and teachers to ensure carryover from sessions to the natural environment to ensure success. Each session will provide life-changing benefits:

Our team can address deficit areas in a variety of ways.  Most commonly, our pediatric OT’s work to improve underlying skills to enable a child to participate in appropriate occupations such as play, school and self care. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of treatment approaches to develop an individualized plan for your child.

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If you are ready to learn more about how Friendship Pediatric Services can help your child, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Help starts with a complimentary developmental screening to identify if a child is learning basic developmental skills at an appropriate age. It’s easy to get started – just complete the short form, and we’ll get in touch to walk you through all therapy options and financial processes. A member of our team will connect with you and support you through the process. 

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