Pediatric Behavioral Health Services

Helping children navigate their feelings.

A person-centered focus that opens communication.

As children develop, they face a lot of new emotions to process. When those emotions become overwhelming or difficult to process, it can create a level of frustration that a child doesn’t understand. Friendship Pediatrics (Connections Behavioral Health) behavioral health services help children make sense of their emotions and develop healthy responses.

A wide range of behavioral health services fit specific needs.

Every child deserves a specialized care plan that addresses their mental health challenges. Connections Behavioral Health can identify behaviors that impact a child’s health and provide treatment plans necessary to implement positive behaviors. Each service offers a specific approach to achieving established goals:

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy to talk through struggles in a comfortable, one-on-one setting.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy to work through challenges that affect everyone and lessen the burden.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy to openly discuss shared experiences and strategies to overcome issues.

Psychiatric Services & Medication Management

Psychiatric Services & Medication Management when medical intervention is necessary.

Pediatric behavioral health services give a child the best shot at feeling understood even when they can’t express their feelings.

Prepare your child to do great things.

To learn more about how Friendship Pediatric Services can help your child, just complete the short form and a member of our team will connect with you and support you through the process.

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