Adult Day Programs Stay Engaged In The Community

Discover new ways to enrich daily life.

Adults with disabilities often age out of available services. This creates a gap not only for the individual that relied on these programs for skills development but also for the caregiver seeking support in daily activities. Friendship Community Care’s adult day programs provide a convenient place to socialize and continue to build life skills. 

What To Expect From An Adult Day Program

Every individual needs different levels of support. A team of professionals will provide assistance and supervision to engage in activities that match their interests and build skills for daily life. Each day will provide life-changing benefits:

Adult Day Programs combine a safe social setting with meaningful activities to encourage independence and growth throughout life.


Experience true community integration.

Friendship Community Care aims to empower adults to join their community and share their strengths rather than feel excluded due to their disability. Through skills development, supportive employment, and supportive living, individuals can rise above limitations and succeed as contributing members of their community.

If you are ready to learn more about how Friendship Community Care’s adult development services can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. It’s easy to get started – just complete the short form below, and we’ll get in touch to walk you through all options and financial processes.

Friendship Community Care Adult Development Services Locations

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I go to Friendship Community care every day and I absolutely love it!! The Staff are so sweet and wonderful 


Jennifer Couch