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Psychiatric Services & Medication Management

Certain mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, or bipolar disorder can be managed through prescription medications in addition to therapy. Connections Behavioral Health offers psychiatric services to properly diagnose mental health conditions, prescribe appropriate medication, and make adjustments as needed.

Group Therapy

Many mental health issues can create a feeling of isolation. Learning that others face the same struggles provides a sense of relief and hope. Connections Behavioral Health offers group therapy to foster new relationships and build community through peer support and self-reflection.

Family Therapy

When a family member has behavioral health challenges, the impact is felt throughout the entire family system. This can result in strained relationships, which can in turn have long-term effects across generations. Connections Behavioral Health offers family therapy to create space for open dialogue to encourage families in their journey toward conflict resolution and healthy, meaningful relationships.

Individual Therapy

Mental health challenges can be difficult to work through alone. Oftentimes this leads to internalizing problems which only magnifies the negative external response. Connections Behavioral Health offers individual therapy to begin the journey toward healthy responses and overall improved mental health.

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