Physical Therapy For Greater Mobility

Unleash the power of movement to conquer the world.

Get active and achieve new abilities.

The human body is designed to move. Any loss of mobility can feel like a massive restriction when it comes to navigating daily life. Friendship Community Care’s physical therapy services help individuals from early adulthood to seniors achieve developmental milestones to support functional movement.

What To Expect From A Physical Therapy Session

A therapist will take a multi-discipline functional approach to develop strength, muscle tone, balance, range of motion, reflexes, and posture. An initial assessment will establish the goals for future sessions based on current abilities and desired goals. Each session will provide life-changing benefits:

Physical therapy enables an individual to be active and gain independence with an improved quality of movement.


Experience true community integration.

Friendship Community Care aims to empower adults to join their community and share their strengths rather than feel excluded due to their disability. Through skills development, supportive employment, and supportive living, individuals can rise above limitations and succeed as contributing members of their community.

If you are ready to learn more about how Friendship Community Care’s physical therapy services can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. It’s easy to get started – just complete the short form below, and we’ll get in touch to walk you through all options and financial processes.

Friendship Community Care Physical Therapy Services Locations

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